Doug Swinskey Photography

Born and raised on the Jersey shore, Doug was immersed in the arts, and inspired by the beauty of his surroundings.

His skillful approach to photographing his favorite subjects - the ocean & the human form - has carried over to all other aspects of his work. . Whether it be images for fashion, beauty, portrait, or editorial. His distinct & recognizable photographic style sets his images apart.

Playboy (Italy) * Maxim * Blender * GQ * ESPN magazine * New York Magazine * Guitar World

To my Tumblr Followers and other creatives.

Sadly, Tumblr has decided not to act on my DMCA take down notice and cited their “Terms of usage” for not removing unauthorized/altered images.

They have left me with no choice other than to remove my images from this site.

If you are interested in my work, I will continue to post on my personal homepage and several other websites.

Thank’s for noticing my work.

Doug ~